Pooboo Cardio Mini Stepper Machine with Resistance Bands, Home Fitness Air Stepper Stair Climber 350lbs

Pooboo Cardio Mini Stepper Machine with Resistance Bands, Home Fitness Air Stepper Stair Climber 350lbs

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pooboo mini stepper is suitable for indoor exercise. Using our fitness stepper can provide excellent exercise effect without occupying your house space. The efficient exercise method of pooboo Mini Stepper allows you to bid farewell to boring exercise methods. Using a fitness mini stepper for 20 minutes a day equals one hour of running . half an hour of swimming . 150 hours of yoga . and 3 kilometers of cycling. Let you lose fat efficiently . pooboo stepper for exercise gives you a perfect figure.

What can you achieve

▶ Through scientific training with the use of mini stepper with resistance bands . you can better . effectively . and scientifically exercise all muscle groups in your body . BURN FAT . shape your body . effectively target areas such as your CALVES . THIGHS . GLUTES . ABDOMEN . BACK . ARMS . SHOULDERS . etc. It helps you maintain the physique you desire . be more confident and healthy . while also protect your knee joints.

Dual Hydraulic Drive System

▶ Arsvita stepper is built with high-quality 2MM thick steel and advanced hydraulic system which provides balance and can withstand a weight of 350 lbs.

Track Your Progress

▶ The smart LED digital monitor can clearly accurately record the number of steps . exercise time and calories. Make your exercise more scientific . reasonable . and effective.

Humanized Design

▶ Different from the twist stepper machine . pooboo mini stepper simulates normal walking (up and down) to avoid deformation of the legs . and adopts the 38° golden movement angle design to make the movement more scientific and healthy.

Super Quiet Design

▶ The bottom of the workout stepper is equipped with a 3D shock-absorbing pad. During exercise . it operates at a decibel level of 43 dB . ensuring a quiet workout that does not disturb other people.

Space Saving

▶ The compact mini stepper fits in any space . including living rooms . bedrooms . balconies . and home offices. With its install-free feature and portability . you can enjoy a satisfying workout anywhere anytime.

Packaging & Warranty

▶ We provide a 12-month after-sales warranty. If you have any issues during the use . please contact us as soon as possible. The components includes: Stepper * 1 . Resistance Bands * 2

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