BENTISM Olympic Hex Trap Bar Shrug Deadlift Squat Shrug Bar Weight Lifting Barbell

BENTISM Olympic Hex Trap Bar Shrug Deadlift Squat Shrug Bar Weight Lifting Barbell

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Product Description

Olympic Trap Bar
This olympic trap bar is a fitness equipment designed for your workouts . and it protects your shoulders and upper body during training. It allows you to comfortably exercise your glute muscles while also targeting your thighs and hamstrings. Whether you have injuries or not . it will be a valuable supplementary training tool in your arsenal. It offers comprehensive workouts for major muscle groups like the chest . legs . and back . helping you sculpt your ideal muscles!
Superb Weight Capacity
Our olympic trap bar is meticulously crafted with seamless welding technology to support weights of up to 1500 pounds . helping you achieve the perfect fitness lines.
Full-Body Muscle Workout
This versatile training equipment allows you to target all major muscle groups in your body . including the chest . abdomen . back . thighs . calves . forearms . neck . and shoulders . ensuring balanced development throughout your body.
2-Foot Barbell Shaft
Our olympic bar easily accommodates Olympic-standard weight plates available in the market. Even beginners can operate it effortlessly . ensuring safe and effective squat training.
Balanced Strength Training
You can add extra weight to each end to increase the difficulty and effectiveness of your workouts . making your training more diverse. Equipped with safety clips . ensuring the stability and reliability of weight plates . allowing you to focus on deadlifts and squats.
Space-Saving Design
Our squat equipment is thoughtfully designed to meet your training needs while occupying minimal space. You can start exercising anytime . anywhere . creating a healthy and comfortable personal space for yourself.
Durable Structure
Made from thick steel and utilizing seamless welding technology . our squat equipment is built to last . ensuring long-term use.


Item Model Number: YQ-003
Middle Bar Diameter: 25mm
Total Length: 1415 mm
Dumbbell Bar Diameter: Compatible with 2-inch weight plates
Maximum Weight Capacity: 500 pounds / 225 kg
Product Weight: 19.84 pounds / 9 kg
Product Dimensions: 55.71 x 28.54 x 14.17 inches / 1415 x 725 x 360 mm
Packaging Dimensions: 29.33 x 16.34 x 5.12 inches / 745 x 415 x 130 mm

Package Content

1 x Olympic Trap Bar
8 x Screws
8 x Nuts
16 x Washers
2 x Wrenches
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